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Micro Certification: End User: Social Engineering Certification Course | Cybrary


Certification Course Title: End User: Social Engineering
Instructor: Kelly Handerhan
Course URL:
Course Provider: Cybrary
Certification Course Fee: $5.00
Description: This course is designed with the end-user in mind and serves as the ideal starting point for anyone looking to enter the cyber security field and ultimately raise their threat awareness. The content addresses topics regarding social engineering, including common attack vectors, how to perform them and the consequences that follow. It will explore a broad range of Social Engineering attacks such as Shoulder Surfing, tailgating and then explains what happens during those attacks and how they can be prevented.

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Here are my notes in studying this Micro Certification course:

Social Engineering
  • non-technical attack in Cyber Security, It's a personal attack.
  • lead to Identity Theft, aims at your Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
    • (ex. Full Name, Home Address, E-mail Address, Credit Card Numbers, ...)

5 types of Social Engineering
  • Phishing - sending a mass unsolicited e-mail asking for your
    • the adage "if you cast a big enough net, you will catch some fish."
  • Pretexting - impersonation, attacker uses the pretext that they have a legitimate need for the information.
  • Baiting - promising something good in exchange for an action or information (e.g. infected USB Drive, download app from unknown sources, free scan but really baits, etc.)
  • Quid Pro Quo - similar to Baiting, but offers a service rather than a good in exchange for information or an action (e.g. allowing remote access)
  • Tailgating / Piggybacking - entering a building directly behind someone who has used their credentials for access. Tailgating takes advantage of people's desire to be courteous.

Social Engineering
  • require multifactor authentication
    • Multifactor Authentication - the use of many qualities to verify identity.
  • trust no one (do research first, check, don't always trust what you see)
  • follow company policy
  • install anti-malware
  • when in doubt, call your security team

Cybersecurity's weakest link: human / people

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I initially passed at 71% but I did a retake and I get the 86% score. The second retake of the exam is free. The questions are tricky so be careful with answering the question(s). It could be right but it's wrong if you pick the less rightful answer.

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Upon passing the exam, you can add it up to your Linkedin profile. Also, the Certificate given is downloadable in .pdf file where you can print an actual copy it.

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Nice, isn't it? You can also use the same coupon I've mentioned here in this post if you're a new Cybrary member. You can use it only once.

I'd say this is a must course for everybody either IT or non-IT peeps. You'll be able to learn new terms and become aware of your protection against Social Engineering threat. It's very easy-to-watch course. You'll be able to complete this course within a day.

Course Rating: 4.0 / 5.0





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  1. This is a really relevant additional learning. I've been a victim of phising sites and it really helps to know more about security.

  2. With all the threats in the marketplace today, it does behoove us to get educated and learn ways to protect our data.

  3. Wow, this seemed to be really an interesting short course. I didn't know that there is this kind of certification provided at present. This is truly a great Idea and hopefully I can try this and learn something new. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  4. Now a days there are so many emerging technologies are around. I would love to know more about this course for sure.

  5. This is a very good course for just $5!!! Esp about Phishing and Gaiting, its very useful!

  6. I can see that you are an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.. Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in your business.