Sunday, January 29, 2017

Product Review: S530 Mini Ultra-Small Wireless Bluetooth Earphone V4.1 For Android/IOS (Black) from

Lazada Philippines

S530 Mini Bluetooth Earphone 88 pesos deal from Lazada's CNY promo

I bought this from Lazada's CNY 88 pesos deal. Yes, I got it for only 88 pesos. The price has returned to roughly 300 - 400 pesos after the event.

S530 Mini Bluetooth Earphone from Lazada box packaging
S530 Mini Bluetooth Earphone from Lazada
Model name: S530
Brand name: unbranded
Ear use direction: right ear
Microphone: no
Bluetooth ver. 4.1
Made in: China
Product URL:
Estimated price: 219.00 pesos (as of January 29, 2017)

I'm disappointed with the box packaging of this product. It has scratches on it but the plastic seal is intact. It looks like a repackaged product. Returning it to Lazada might cost me some time so I just proceeded with opening it and see if it works.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Product Review: Basic Earbuds Headset with Volume Control from

Very Cheap Earpiece For Sale at

I bought this from their last year's 11 peso deal sale. I order 4 and I'm very satisfied.

- Brand: Generic
- Product Code: EO-HS3303WE (GH59-13091A) F / Non PVC
- Product Initial: J5
- Product URL:
- Price: 99.00 pesos (as of 01-17-2017)

affordable quality headset
Cheap Earbuds from
It looks like a generic model of Samsung earpods. The quality of the sound is good. You can clearly hear the dynamic bass like what's produced from the original Samsung earpiece.

Generic Brand of HS330 Samsung Wired Stereo Earbud

high quality headset for a cheap price
Wrong Ear Label of Generic HS330 earpod

My complaints about this product from 4/4 of my orders are: (1) wrong labeling of earpiece setup. The majority of earpiece makers placed the microphone piece connected in the left earpiece. This one is labeled wrong. (2) the mic doesn't work in one of my order. (3) over a months use, one of my order which I gifted to my mother has been broken. It went semi-undetectable by her iPad.

All in all, It's still worth it. The sound quality is there plus the 11 pesos price I score with this product. It's now back to 99.00 pesos. If you're really saving money, you may want to take a risk of buying this product, some works, some don't. Anyway, has fair Return Policy. I didn't return mine because I don't want to be hassled and I paid it for 11 pesos anyway.

My rating for this product: 3.0 / 5.0

If you'd like to buy the original Samsung HS330 earpiece, you can find one at Lazada below:

Find cheap goods at, register at the below link and get 250 php. off in your purchase:



Tuesday, January 10, 2017

PayPal Issue on Charging your Credit/Debit Card instead of your PayPal Balance and How-to Instruction to Avoid it

I experienced it before and I'm afraid I'm going to experience it again. So I took extra precaution not to hit the same mistake, not actually the user's mistake but the PayPal's new website interface's.

PayPal Charging your Credit Card instead of your PayPal Balance

I fear It might still be happening if ever you're reading this because you experienced it too?

What's the issue here? The issue here is you have a PayPal balance while you have a Credit Card information added in your account. As per PayPal's self-help guide (see PayPal Payment overview and payment options ), PayPal should take your PayPal balance first before taking money from your CC but that's not what have happened in my experience last February 27, 2016 (see below):

PayPal charged my Credit Card instead of PayPal balance issue
PayPal charged my Credit Card instead of PayPal balance during beta

PayPal charged my Credit Card while I have a sufficient amount of money in my PayPal balance. Their Customer Support failed to resolve it because It's already too late. It frustrates me because I don't want an unplanned debt in my Credit Card bill.

As far as I can remember, PayPal can give you an option to switch back from their old interface where you can pay with your PayPal balance without adding up your Credit Card information. That's way back on their Beta release but It's already past that stage. If you did your own research and stumbled upon the link in you Google Search you see in the screenshot below, that link no longer works:

Sending Payment old interface link no longer works

Don't lose hope. They didn't remove the old interface. I found the new URL from their Sitemap. Read more below:

Manually Paying Using Your PayPal Balance without your Credit Card or Debit Card

As their Customer Support's response to the issue of disallowing you to continue your transaction if you don't have a Credit Card add-up in your account, It's already a rule in their system to add a Credit Card or Debit Card information (see support response below):

"I’m sorry to be the one to say this, but I’m afraid PayPal accounts need to have a card active on before being allowed to complete purchases."
"By default PayPal uses the PayPal balance to fund payments even if you have a card. If the balance is not available, I suggest that you give us a call so we can check what the problem is."
As of this writing, you can still get a detour by accessing their old interface, see following link:

No Longer Working:[YOURCOUNTRYSYLLABLE]/webapps/mpp/send-money-online

Working as of January 10, 2017:[YOURCOUNTRYSYLLABLE]/webapps/mpp/send-payments-online

I happen to found the said working page from their Sitemap:

The link to Sending Payment old interface is at the very bottom of the page:

new url of paypal sending payment old interface link
New Sending Payment URL link to the old PayPal interface

Click the "Send a Payment" button and it will direct you to their old web app interface of Sending PayPal payment:

updated url link to paypal sending payment
PayPal Sending Payment old interface

Base from their Customer Support's response, you'll be forced to add-up your Credit/Debit Card information in your PayPal account so I recommend you to have your own CC. More likely, the old interface link I shared here will be gone soon. Just heed my

Hope this post helped you.


Otakore Literantadodist
January 10, 2017