Sunday, June 18, 2017

Issue: Xiaomi Mi Band Not Charging | Fix: Heating the Device

Lazada Philippines

I forgot to charge my Mi band and its battery was depleted for days. So the time I charged it, It's not showing any indicator. It's not charging :O

mi band not charging issue
Mi Band Pulse not charging

I tried various solutions I found online to fix my Mi Band but none of them works (see below):
I attempted to clean the nodes with cotton buds and alcohol.

fixing mi band with cotton swab

I'm about to scrap the nodes but I think, It's not needed as looks clean as new. Cleaning it with alcoholed cotton buds is enough.

cleaning mi band with cotton bud

Make sure you dry the nodes completely before charging or else, charging it while wet might result to further complication.

cleaning mi band with alcohol

After doing the trials above, my Mi band is still not charging :(

Fixing Xiaomi Mi Band Not Charging Issue with Heat

I think of exciting the electrons inside the battery with heat which will force the battery to run. So I lay it near the exhaust fan of my laptop. I let it absorb the heat in 5 mins. And upon trying to charge it again... It's back charging! The indicator blinks.

placing mi band on heat to make it charge

Caution: overheating may break your device. Observe and check it by tapping it barely. Take away your Mi Band from the heat if you think it's already overheating.

This solution may work with any brand of Fitness Band with a similar issue. You may try a Hair Dryer instead of the one I did above.

Hope this post helped you.