Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Product Review: Zeus Model M-110 from [Exclusive on Lazada]

Lazada Philippines

zeus gaming mouse m110 front box packaging
Zeus M-110 Box Packaging
Product name: Zeus M-110 Lightning Chain Bolt Gaming Mouse
Model: M-110
Brand name: Zeus
Design: Lightning Chain Bolt
Warranty: 3 months
Made in: China | Design in the Philippines

Product URL:

Product Desc.: Get ready for the Zeus M-110 Gaming Mouse with LED Light. Its unique breathing LED light design changes the mouse color every five seconds. Built specifically for E-Sports tournaments, the Zeus gaming mouse is built to protect the gamer's hand from muscle pain cause by frequently clicking, as its ergonomic design fits naturally in your hand to prevent slipping and provide stability.

Estimated price: 355.00 pesos
(as of March 22, 2017) | 95.00 pesos during the Lazada 5th Anniversarry

As I've checked today, the price is still at 95.00 pesos (checked as of 03-22-2017). They still have stocks of it. Buy now while supplies last.

As I expected from Lazada, their delivery is so fast. My order arrived the following day upon my online purchase:

zeus gaming mouse fast delivery by lazada
Lazada Fast Delivery

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tech News / Business Highlights: Inewvation International Corporation Soars Higher in 2017

Inewvation International Corp., one of the leading digital display and advertising solutions provider in the Philippines, is set to accomplish more prominent stature this year focusing on greater tasks in the global business scene.

inewvation company logo
Inewvation Int'l Corp. company logo
Photo Credit(s): / Press Contact: Dean Bernales

With the opening of its Visayas office by second quarter of the year, Inewvation keeps on extending its compass in the nation and also in Asia by launching its office in Singapore last July 2016.

Inewvation is driven by organization's head Mr. Jayson So, President and Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Billy So, Chief Operating Officer.

Billy So, Pres. & CEO (left) and Jayson So, COO (right)
Photo Credit(s): / Press Contact: Dean Bernales

“Last year marks our 5th year in this digital solution business here in the country. I can consider 2016 as a good year, since most of clients are now open to digital age and already appreciated the "quality vs price", that we have been explaining to them since I started the business. Moving forward, 2017 is promising. Just on our first quarter for this year, we already got so much in our pipeline. This year will also be the year for our expansion of the business. We will officially open Visayas branch and looking forward to reach Mindanao as well, ” Mr. Jayson said.

jayson so of inewvation
Jayson So interviewed
Photo Credit(s): / Press Contact: Dean Bernales
Its first project outside the country is the biggest indoor LED displays in Shoppes at Parisian Casino, Macau. This pitch 4mm LED screen indicates the elegance and sophistication of the Temptations Store as it displays distinctive brands as well as its promotions (see below):

4mm LED Screen at Shoppes, Parisian Casino, Macau
4mm LED Screen at Shoppes, Parisian Casino, Macau
Photo Credit(s): / Press Contact: Dean Bernales

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