Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tech Tips: How to make your Desktop so neat?

I won't be much technical on this post. I'll share this right away! Not to brag but here's my Desktop on my PC/Laptop:

neat desktop wallpaper
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So neat, right? I should have made a screenshot of my old Desktop before setting this one. My old one was very messy.

I discovered this wallpaper from Thank goodness, somebody made a very clean and purposeful wallpaper. The "Empty Office Wallpaper" was created or shared by user gaaramylovev from the said site. You can download the Empty Office Wallpaper here.

Having this wallpaper actually helps me arrange Shortcuts and Folders so neatly.

With how the Desktop wallpaper looks, I was able to move some Folders and Files I don't much use from my Desktop before. And moved them to the folders of my Drive instead of leaving them hanging in my Desktop. It improves my computer Startup and loading. Well, It's not actually too slow before but I can feel the a little bit difference. It's a bit quicker now! Note that too many Folders, Shortcuts and other unnecessarry files in your Desktop can slow your computer performance (see discussion about it here). You should clean up your virtual place too. It helps not just your computer performance but also make your mind at peace :)

It looks very comfortable to my eyes. Wala nang kalat! Before, I'm used to Character & Game wallpaper designs but now, I'm going to stick with this one for long.

Hope you like it.


Roy Cortez
April 04, 2017